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Residential Window Cleaning

Coastal Window Cleaning are expert in the traditional methods of window cleaning with ladder, applicator and squeegee and we continue to use this when appropriate or necessary.

However, modern technology now uses a water fed pole system which is safer, more versatile and more efficient for us, and produces a much better result for our clients (see panel below right).

Our typical window cleaning charges are shown below, but please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to stop by and provide a tailored, no-obligation quote for you.

Get your

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  • • 4 lower windows

  • • 4 upper windows

  • • Set of French doors

  • • Front door

Estimate: £8.50


  • • 6-8 lower windows

  • • 6-8 upper windows

  • • Set of French doors

  • • Front & back door

Estimate: £15.00


  • • 8-10 lower windows

  • • 8-10 upper windows

  • • Set of French doors

  • • Front & back door

Estimate: £21.00

Additional Services

Over the years, we have responded to requests from our clients and have expanded our services to include conservatories, solar panels, roof gutters and even caravans and RVs.

Please click on the specific links below to find out more about these services.

Water Fed Pole System

With a reach of up to 65 feet from ground level, modern water fed pole systems work by pumping purified water through a specially designed brush head.

Water Fed Pole Brush

This means we can scrub and rinse away dirt and grime from your windows and window frames while standing safely on the ground, bringing your glass back to perfect clarity, and leaving a streak-free finish.

The lack of detergents and additives is environmentally friendly (as well as being good for any nearby plantlife!) and our purified and filtered water leaves windows spotless.

Follow this link to find out a little more about our water fed pole system.